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Your Trusted Financial Guide

Only a truly independent financial advisor can provide impartial investment guidance and a customized plan that will keep you on track with your individual or corporate goals. With Antone Mercurio, you have an entire team of knowledgeable, experienced, and independent professionals dedicated to helping individuals, families, business owners, and plan sponsors make informed financial decisions.

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Individuals and Families

Financial Planning and Wealth Management

No matter what your level of wealth, working with us can help you pursue your goals. Together, we’ll go through a comprehensive process for managing your financial life and creating a long-term plan customized to your needs.

​Wealth Management​

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Employees and Business Owners

Retirement Planning

When you partner with Antone Mercurio,  you’ll get personalized consulting from a retirement plan specialist who is committed to designing the plan that meets your objectives and helps your employees achieve their long-term goals.

​Retirement Consulting​


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